The Jets have become the epicenter of quarterback ineptitude. Quarterback Colin Kaepernick still wants a job in the NFL.

From the player’s perspective, it is a perfect addition.

Kaepernick recently sent a letter to the Jets I’m seeking consideration for a spot on the team’s practice squad. The letter surfaced publicly on Tuesday and was posted on social media by rapper and producer J. Cole.

According to multiple sources, it is authentic and real. And while I believe that Kaepernick was indeed undermined by the NFL and made the victim of a collusion designed to punish him for alerting players to their right to protest during the national anthem, I also believe that This latest attempt is a misguided publicity stunt that is not aimed at returning to the NFL for the first time since the 2016 season.

In the Sept. 21 letter to Jets GM Joe Douglas, Kaepernick asks for an “opportunity to do so Come in and lead the practice group . . . with the sole task of preparing your defense each week.”

The terminology is a bit off; It caused us to confirm over and over again that the letter was indeed genuine. Kaepernick probably meant to say he wanted to lead the scout team every week.

Regardless, his overall goal is to give the Jets an alternative to Zach Wilson in case things don’t work out. And the reality is that if this is Kaepernick’s prerogative, it makes far more sense not to make a spectacle of it.

The mere fact that the letter came to light makes it even less likely that the Jets will accept the offer. “Why would they release this?” said a source with knowledge of the team’s thinking. “If you’re really trying to get on a team, why create drama?”

The letter lists Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, UCLA coach Chip Kelly, Ravens coach John Harbaugh and Raiders owner Mark Davis as references. Frankly, if Kaepernick really wants to play again (and not just want to generate free publicity for his supposed efforts to play again), he should text Davis over and over again. Davis brought him in for practice last year and Davis’ starting quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, is currently in the concussion protocol.

What happened to Kaepernick was wrong. But the NFL has successfully outpaced time in his NFL career. At this point it’s over and done with and no one will sign him. It shouldn’t have happened, but it did. While he has the right to take every opportunity to draw attention to the situation, it doesn’t feel like a real attempt to play again – and the early signs suggest it won’t work.

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